Two Nights, Three Days

Join us for an intensive and unforgettable Healing Retreat nestled in the heart of the Jungle, Ubud, Bali.

An unparalleled and unique mind, body and soul journey in remembering who you truly are through the powerful frequencies of Breath, Sound, Movement, and Kundalini Life-Force Energy Transmissions.





Experience the magic of nature in our stunning forest resort and set your spirit free. 



This retreat is for anyone ready to embark on a true journey of self-discovery and transformation. There is a very defined line between the version of yourself before and after this level of healing. I am here to support and guide those on their path of awakening their kundalini and all of the blessings and grace that comes along with it. 

We are truly blessed to be physically alive at a time when we can awaken and hold onto such powerful frequencies that can change our lives and others. 

I am very passionate about you and others becoming embodied and having the resources that, in doing so, you become your best healer within your own home and communities.

If you are ready, The Journey awaits....



  • Two Nights/Three Days accommodation with beautiful Jungle Views and a short drive from some of Bali's most beautiful holy water temples.
  • Swimming pool & outdoor showers
  • Fresh and organic Vegan/Vegetarian meals from the restaurant that specialises in health-based Bali's local and seasonal produce.
  • Embodiment practices
  • Quality yoga equipment
  • Kundalini life-force energy transmissions
  • Ceremonial breathwork
  • Somatic therapies
  • Evening Crystal bowl sound healing and meditation
  • Sacred cacao ceremony
  • Integration processing and sharing circles
  • Access to onsite sauna, and ice bath.
  • Optional in-villa massages






Villa with Jungle View

Bedroom with eco-friendly AC & fan

Bathroom with toilet and shower

View of infinity pool

Same level as Sauna and Ice Bath

INC- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Healing


INCLUDED - Fully Aircon, Complimentary Wifi, Outdoor Rain Shower, Mini Bar, Indoor Safe. 







Villa with Jungle View

Bedroom with eco-friendly AC & fan

Bathroom with toilet and shower

View of infinity pool

Same level as Sauna and Ice Bath

INC- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Healing


INCLUDEDFully Aircon, Complimentary Wifi, Outdoor Rain Shower, Mini Bar, Indoor Safe. 





I’ve been working with spiritual and energy healing for about a year and a half, and Becci's retreat took that healing to the next level. I learned new information and brought my healing and insight to new levels.

Since the retreat ended, my solo sessions have been just as profound. In addition, the retreat space is absolutely gorgeous, soothing, and spiritual. Becci clearly put so much thought and love into designing her program and choosing the perfect space.

Honestly, the content of the program was so thoughtfully crafted and beautifully delivered.

She is deeply talented and gifted, and the way her gifts shine adds a dynamic delivery that is truly special. She has seamless delivery; so nurturing, informative, loving and thoughtful.

The environment, the program's content, the approach to the kundalini journeys (which also brought in other modalities like breathwork, meditation, and somatic healing), and the accommodations and the food — everything was incredible.

_ Lenore




Together in this magical land of mama Bali, we will explore the deeper layers of self as we awaken with the divine powers of Kundalini Shakti. During this retreat, you will receive five kundalini activation transmissions and other healing modalities that prepare and continue to open the energy channels to purify one's system, regulate the nervous system and align you with your soul's purpose and highest vision.



There is something to say for these retreats as we embark on a journey that creates shifts at our core that continue to grow long after our time together. 


Kundalini Activation is a journey of going beyond everything you think you know - opening powerful portals of recreating yourself in alignment with your higher calling. 

Actual transformations are born when we ignite and work with this energy, for it is where we meet our unprocessed and unresolved traumas, imprinting, wounding, faulty perceptions and conditioning that is far less than helpful in our daily lives. It is about breaking free from what makes us sick and imbalanced and drains our energy. This energy wants nothing more than for us to thrive, be a magnet to all we desire, and spread love unto all beings. She is here to rise and express herself through those who are ready. She wants to experience herself through us in the most exquisite, delicious, nurturing and loving ways.




When we have experienced traumatic events, no matter how long ago, we often carry the fragmented remnants—and the accompanying feelings of helplessness, fear, pain, and anxiety deep in our bodies, beyond the reach of most talk therapy.

We must release the body from the bonds of trauma and take a somatic and energetic approach to heal fully, allowing us to remove any traumatic stress from the body and access and release suppressed emotions in empowering ways and gain confidence, power and mastery through the reconnection back to the body.


You are safe in this environment and deeply held and witnessed; you are loved and cared for to allow you to go as deep as your nervous system will allow safely.

We are so fortunate to be at a time in history where we in the west are waking up after a long slumber and can hold onto a frequency that is creating ripples of change and effect in the world. This work has and always will begin with you; if you are a novice to healing, just starting, or an energy worker looking to go deeper, you will receive exactly what your soul has signed up for.


This work is a calling; this energy is a calling, she will speak to you, and you will feel drawn to her.
This is only for some; some are ready for this work, healing and processing. If you are prepared to rise, make some noise, awaken and heal, I will see you on the mat.


This healing is my most resounding calling, which makes me so honoured to be able to hold this space for you. This journey within is accelerated with this magical frequency, familiar to you when you feel her, as she is you.


We long forgot, I am here to guide you into remembering. You will know in your bones that it is your time.




Rebecca is an Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapist who specialises in various potent Healing Modalities.


Rebecca has lived on the Island of Bali for four years and has soaked up much of its healing magic in her time thus far, with remarkable healers, trainings and ceremonies.

She specialises in ceremonial healing that meets us on all levels of mind, body and soul. She can hold space for those who have experienced soul-destroying trauma; after the loss of her brother to suicide, she can meet others on very deep levels.  

Rebecca's healings are life-altering, as she is passionate about healing from the root of what makes us mentally, emotionally and spiritually "sick." She brings to you Raw Life Force Kundalini Energy transmissions, Re-birthing Breathwork, Sound Healings and other ceremonial healings that will help your soul shift and heal in remarkable ways.


She is passionate about awakening this life force within others  - so they too begin thier returning -to the source- to the somatic knowing of thier instinctual embodiment and all its capabilities and potentiality.















The prices quoted are not inclusive of flights and transport. You will need to arrange your own flights and transport to Bali, Indonesia. As of February 2023, travellers may enter Indonesia on a Visa on Arrival (VoA), which grants a 30-day stay with the option to extend to 60 days.


Covid regulations are ever changing. As of February 2023, you are still required to be fully vaccinated in order to enter Indonesia. Kindly visit this website for updates on entry rules for Bali/Indonesia.


If you require assistance in securing transport for when you arrive in Bali, please contact[email protected]






Contact Rebecca via email at [email protected]











As a prerequisite, I would like you to attend at least one Kundalini Activation session before arriving on retreat, either in person or online. 

This is important for the resonance and opening of your energy channels in your body, which will better prepare your system to tune into the frequency. It will lay the foundation and prepare your body for the healing work we will be doing. 

Spaces are secured once the application for this retreat has been approved and the deposit has been exchanged. This is a non-refundable retreat.